Limited time dishes, don’t wait to much to try them

  • SLOW COOKED PORK RIBS, Glazed with honey and spicy barbecue sauce … Meat falls off the bone, finger licking.                        4 Pieces 7,00€ 6 Pieces  9,50€
  • DICED TRUFFLED ENTRECOTE,  with mushrooms, rocket and sun-dried tomato 17,50€
  • ¨BRESS¨ CHICKEN BURGER, Corn breaded chicken with tomato, lettuce, onion and díferens sauce 9,50€ Extra cheese or bacon +0,50€
  • SANDWICH ¨FILET BE¨, French bread with super tender sirloin steak, truffle mayonnaise, sun-dried tomato, rúcula and parmesan cheese… sooo delicious  12€
  • FRESH SALMON POKÉ BOWL, Base of Thai jasmine rice, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, orange, crunchy onion, sesame, boiled egg, wasabi mayonnaise and our “Poké star” sauce  13,90€ 
  • THAI SOUPwith coconut, vegetables, citric and spicy hints . TO CHOOSE: ( 🌶 🌶 )
    • With chicken 7,90€
    • With prawns 9,50€
    • With vegetables 7,50€
  • If you like CROQUETTES, ask the waiter if we have prepared some different from the ones we propose in the menu